To Ezion-Mount Carmel United Methodist Church,

I greet you today in the matchless name of Jesus the Christ.

I feel honored and blessed to serve as the interim pastor on behalf of Pastor, Dr. Shirlyn
Henry Brown. Like all of you, I, too, lift Pastor Brown in prayer that God will continue to
heal and strengthen her in every way.

My wife, Gloria, and I feel blessed being here with you and pray that together we can
continue the ministry envisioned for this community over 200 years in this part of the
vineyard. God breathes into us new life ministries each day building His Kingdom here
on earth. Although there is still work to do, I feel excited by the prayers and visions you
offer for His church.

My role as ‘interim pastor’ can help, I pray, facilitate the ministries you feel led to
conduct. My experiences in ministry have helped me become familiar with the
importance that each role plays in the church. As a district superintendent in Eastern PA
Conference, I experienced, even more, the diversity of gifts in all churches and believe
that we are the instrument God intends to use in transforming this and every community
and beyond. Pastor Brown says it best when she speaks of this church being the heart
that “beats for the city.”

So, I thank God for you and pray that God empowers us beyond measure and guides us
along the way reaching and teaching the least, the last, and the lost. To God be the

Rev. Dr. Alfred S. Maloney