As I tasted the scrumptious bite of plain boiled potato, I heard the still small voice of the Creator. I did not hear God’s voice speaking when persons suggested, don’t you miss fried chicken, candied yams, mac & cheese, greens, and hot rolls?

There was no voice. Nor was there a voice, when offered a homemade slice of apple pie with ice cream. Yet, I heard the voice of God as the plain boiled potato touched my palate. God asked, “What do you need?’ My answer, “I need thee, and I thank thee.” The Lord’s answer came in a still small voice, as I savored the taste of the meal. “Stay focused, faithful, fervent in prayer, and surrender to the will of God, for I Am fighting your battle – if you just keep still.”

For there will always be loud Noises with suggestions, as well as the well-meaning voices – the no harm sounds. Yet, when God turns the volume down – we hear and encounter, so clearly the love of our Lord. Let us each be grateful that God occasionally turns the volume down, so that we can just keep still.

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:11-13

Song: Be Still, God Will Fight Your Battles

Thought for the Day: Turn Down the Volume and listen for the voice of God.