As a little girl I had swimming lessons at the YMCA. Now, my brother and sister were like fish to water; as for me—I just could not learn to swim. During the process I grasped the concepts of kicking, holding my breath and not going in the deep end – for I might drown. The ability to float, backstroke or even the doggie paddle eluded my mental and physical coordination. I came to believe that I would never swim. To my surprise those lessons at the YMCA in the 1960’s taught me to swim.

For as an African American woman, I swim every day in the community of racism. The spiritual discipline of practicing patience and praying – keep me afloat. The strength of my own inner peace and the prayers of the righteous, allow me to hold my breath. The strength to kick the forces of spiritual evil, come with the grace and power of God. The life jacket I wear is made with love and forgiveness. So now I swim in the deep end knowing that “My hope is built in Jesus Christ.” Hope in the children of God, who pray, believe, receive and share the healing-restorative love of Christ.

The book of Isaiah teaches us that by the stripes of our Savior, we receive healing. We are a people that offer hope and change through love. Black, White, Brown, Red, or Yellow, the shade of skin does compare to the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells in our souls. Respect and love for ALL is the our call.  In reality, there were race riots, crosses burned on church property and racial profiling. Violence is NOT the response. Killing is NOT the response. Today some of us still swim in the same community of racism; yet we have learned overcome the muddy waters to reach the clear blue, pure anointed water of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit is our life guard and each of us has learns to hold our breath and press towards the mark of the high calling. Therefore, the waters may be muddy, with rocks on the bottom, however may we choose to go to the pool of Bethesda. Let us not allow anyone block or hinder us from our healing. There is UNITY in Christ. There is PEACE in Christ. Jesus asked, “Do you want to get well?” Our answer is, “YES, Lord.” We choose to swim in pool of healing, salvation and restoration. We choose to not let hatred, bigotry or violence stand in our way of reaching Jesus. We choose to trust God and work in the vineyard with all of God’s children, to build a kingdom of believers. 

With the power of the Holy Spirit, PEACE is possible, for in our hearts, we want to be healed by your stripes.  Lord, we are now swimming in your pool, by your grace. In Jesus Name. Amen

P.S. Mom, thank-you for insisting on the swimming lessons 

Thought for the Day: Do you want to get well?

Prayer: In midst of swimming against a current, we found Christ. The Son of God, who holds our hands, the Son who loves us and in spite of us, gives each of us peace. Lord may we learn to respect, listen, learn, lean on and love one another. A truth telling love, Yes, an honest love, Yes- Lord, a love that does include violence or hate. A love rooted in Christ. Dear Lord, we want to get well. So to the Great Physician, please heal our souls and give us a unity that will calm the current and whole world will see we How Great thou Art. Amen