Church Leadership

Ezion-Mount Carmel United Methodist Church
2020 Leadership Slate

• Pastor – Rev. Shirlyn Brown
• Church Lay Leader – Darlene Webb
• Co-Lay Leader – Shawn Bennett

Church Council
Senior Pastor – Rev. Dr. Shirliyn H. Brown
Chairperson – Alex Smalls
Secretary – Patricia Jenkins
Treasurer – Andrea White
Assistant Treasurer – Mark White
Church Historian – Open
SPRC Chair – Sherese Brewington Carr
Finance Chair –
Prayer Ministry Chair – Paul Livingston
UMW President – Audrey Milton
UMM President – Nathaniel Sampson
Youth Ministry Advisor – Shawn Barnett
Trustee Board President –Robert Jenkins
Lay Leader – Darlene Webb

At-Large Council Members
Audrey Boyer
Gwen Pierce
Hilda Morris
Andrewetta Shaw
Aline Wright
Connie Young
Youth Representatives – Joseph Lindsay & Shaina Copeland

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development
Chairperson – Rev. Dr. Shirilyn H. Brown
Vice Chairperson – Connie Young
Alex Smalls
Verlie Gaither
Carolyn Bryant
Carolyn Smalls
Sherese Brewington-Carr
Darlene Webb
Kenny Winfield

Lay Members to Annual Conference
• LMAC – Kenneth Winfield
• Reserve LMAC – LaVerne Waters

Trustee Board
President – Robert Jenkins
Patricia Sampson
Cliff Warren
Henry Hollis
Donald Marshall
Bruce Adderley
Norman Pierce
Beverly Perry
Charlene O’Bryant

Committee on Finance
Chairperson –
Senior Pastor – Rev. Dr. Bryant
Treasurer –Courtney Finely
Asst. Treasurer – Mark White
Financial Secretary – Irene Jones
Lay Leader – Darlene Webb
Lay Member to Annual Conference – Kenneth Winfield
Church Council Chairperson – Alex Smalls
SPRC Chair – Sherese Brewington-Carr
Trustee President – Robert Jenkins
Stewardship Co-chairs – Dr. Lozelle DeLuz and Dr. William Bazzelle

Chairperson – Dr. Lozelle DeLuz
Co-Chair – Sharon Anderson

Staff Parish Relations Committee
Chairperson – Sherese Brewington-Carr
SPRC Ex-Officio Member – Rev. Dr. Bryant
SPRC Members:
Thomas Hubbard
Gwen Pierce
LaVerne Waters
Aline Wright
Lynn Sharps
Nate Sampson
Darlene Webb
Janice Tilden Burton

Heritage Committee
Historian – Kenyon Camper
Archivist – Loraine Watson

Communications Committee
Chairperson – Rev. Dr. Bryant

Membership Secretary
Barbara Ann Lyles

NURTURE Coordinator – Minnie Bazzelle
Vacation Bible School – Beverly Perry, Director
Sunday School Superintendent – Audrey Milton
Women’s Book Club – Patricia Jenkins
Peer Group Ministries
Children’s Ministry – Sandra Hawkes
Youth Ministry Advisor – Shawn Barnett
Family Ministries – Robert Jenkins, Chair
Evangelism – Lorenzo Wright
Agape Feeding Program – Darlene Webb & Bernice Cannon, Coordinators
Higher Education –Ronald Whittington, Chair
CONAM – Sharon L. Anderson
New Members Class – Patricia Jenkins

OUTREACH Coordinator – Howard Sharps
Mattie B. Love C.A.R.E. Program – Pearl Livingston & Audrey Boyer, Coordinators
Clara Evans Health, Welfare, & Missions – Maxine Wiggins and Judi Gupton-Wiley, Co-chairs
Parish Nurse & Congregational Health Ministries – Pearl Livingston
UMM – Nathaniel Sampson, President
UMW – Audrey Milton, President

WITNESS Coordinator – Carolyn Smalls
Acolytes – Mary Johnson, Coordinator
Worship Committee – Andrewetta Shaw, Worship Leader
Ushers – Wilma Whittington, President
Minister of Music – Open
Choirs: Male Chorus – Cliff Warren, President
Sanctuary Choir – Aline Wright, President
Children & Youth Choir – Inactive
Communion Stewards – Carolyn Smalls, President
Hour of Power – Andrewetta Shaw and Darlene Webb, Coordinators Prayer Ministry – Paul Livingston, Coordinator Liturgical Dance (Seeds of Hope) – Inactive

Special Interest Committee and Groups
• Anniversary/Heritage Committee
• Unity Day

Church Supported Activities
• Elise R. Brown Family Life Center (CDC) – Gladys Spikes, President

Date: May, 2017